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Employability after ITI & Diploma Engineering

  • As per the National Employability Report-Diploma, prepared by assessment firm Aspiring Minds. Almost 20% of engineering diploma holders in the country are employable but do not find jobs.

  • Twin problems such as job gaps and skill gaps hit Diploma graduates in India: Aspiring Minds.

  • Colleges in metro cities have on average 14% employability for engineering technicians, whereas, for colleges in non-metro cities, it goes down to 9.2%.


Traditionally, ITI courses have been very popular among students, especially from rural areas, as they provide courses that focus on skill development.


  • The ITI Colleges generally provide campus placement to the students; most of the students get selected by the companies for placements.

  • ITI provides ILO (International Labour Organization) certified NCVT certificate, which facilitates work globally.


However, the study revealed that due to a lack of relationships with companies across the country and proper training on skill sets, ITI Institutes are unable to provide jobs, thus huge unemployment of about 65% was observed.



In preparation for an engineering career, you should focus on developing a variety of skills, including:


Technical Competencies - The focus is on having the necessary technical skills and ability to carry out your job.

(Acquired through Engineering Education from college and continuous learning from other sources to upkeep with the advancement of technology and tools)

Communications Skills - To be an effective engineer you must have the ability to communicate, both in writing and orally.

A good communicator has influence and most importantly, gets noticed.

Teamwork-  To be an effective engineer you will need the ability to work in a team environment.


Leadership Skills - Leadership is more than just the position you’re in, it’s about action.

The successful engineer is well-rounded, with knowledge of the key skills and an ability to apply them when needed.

To Get a Job in The Field of Engineering

Where is the difficulty?

To Listen to Your Urge: The Primary objective is to get the opportunity in Industry and also to get a first job, in West Bengal, either there is no scope or very limited scope.

We are here for You: Our expertise and well-established network among industry houses throughout the country will definitely help to realize your dream in Pan-India.

WHY The DezireA2Z?

  • You have Delusion, Desire, and Degree but not the Destiny to find your first entry into a job.

  • You have a dream to become an engineer but are confused about the selection of a college.

  • You have knowledge but no Skill.

Also as per the study by Aspiring Minds, lack of quality education, lack of practical exposure, and lack of basic skill set are the key reasons for the huge un-employability of engineering graduates in India.


  • Our survey revealed that in addition to findings inability to reach the right industry at right time is one of the major reasons for the generation of unemployment.

  •   We, a group of Professionals from Industries(Core & IT), academicians from renowned universities (J.U., C.U., IISEST, IIT, MAKAUT) and T&P, HR experts associated to render services in the domain of placement, skilling, and in admission into an appropriate college.

We have solutions to all the above problems to put you into your goal but on your true confessions about lacunas required to derive strategy.


  •   STARTED SERVICES IN 2017 THROUGH (East Calcutta Management Services) ECMS and Nirbhar.

  • In 2018 served B.P. Podder Institute of Technology by launching IBM mainframe training, and all participating students got placed in renowned IT industries.

  •   Our professionals provided training on “Programming in R” & “Python” at CAD Centre, JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY during 2018-19-20.

  •   The ECMS has been tied with The Nehotia University since 2017 as an admission partner.

Various soft-skill, IT-skill, Interview- skill and online aptitude skills had been delivered from the Saltlake office during 2017-2020(March) for engineering students of different colleges.

We provide solutions for several types of Employment and Training relationships

  • Campus Placements Through Written and Interview.

  • Direct Placement Through Interview.

  • Long-term & Short-term Training in Core companies. 

Register yourself for the next campus selection and stop your job searching today!

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