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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Now Read Our Policies below then Pay to 9733270570 (Sankar Bagchi) through PHONE PE OR Google Pay OR use 9733270570@ybl as UPI ID to pay.

  • Starting Plan

    You will Face 1 Company in a particular Date.
  • Top Up Plan

    Purchase Starting Plan And then Purchase the Top-Up
  • Best Value

    2 Companies

    You Will Face 2 Companies in Different Dates.

Our Policies
(Terms And Conditions)

1. One-time Registration fee of Rs.300/- is charged for administrative services for formatting and forwarding CV as per the Industry standard.

2. One-time Registration fee also includes arranging one interview with one Industry house.

 3. If the candidate is unable to receive the job offer from one interview, he/she may continue to avail more companies for entering into further interview processes on payment of Rs.200/- as top-up charges for each company.

4. One can avail of the bundle offer of Rs.500/-, which includes a one-time Registration fee and charges for arrangements of interviews with two companies.

 5. One candidate on payment of the Registration fee can avail of a maximum of six opportunities within six months from the date of registration, failing which the dezirea2z will not be liable to arrange further interviews for the candidate.

6. The Registration fee and top-up fees are charged for the services as per above clauses 1 to 5, once the fees are paid no candidates can claim to refund back and the dezirea2z will not be liable to pay back the fees.

7. Your selection totally depends on your ability to perform in written and interviews organized by different Technical companies in India.

8. If you missed your Chances of recruitment due to your fault, we are Not Responsible for that.      

After Payment Register Below

Click on Register Button and Fill the details of the Google Form.

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